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Daily Activities That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

The best exercise for dogs involves activities that are both mentally stimulating and physically en…
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Dogs are a joy to be around, but they can also be quite the handful. They need daily exercise and attention, or else they get bored and act out. You might think that running your dog every day is enough exercise, but it’s not always the best option for keeping them healthy and happy. Here are five daily activities you should do with your pup if you want them to live a long life of happiness!

What Kind Of Exercise Is Best For My Dog?

Dogs should get a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are long-lasting activities like jogging, swimming, or biking that give dogs enough energy to keep going for hours after the activity is done. Anaerobic exercises will wear your dog out more quickly but they still need these types of workouts every day too! These include fetching games with balls or frisbees, playing tug of war, running through obstacle courses at parks, etc…

There are many great types of dog activities that can keep your pup healthy and happy all year round! Here are just a few:

1. Cardio Circuit

Have your pup chase you around the house or yard while throwing toys for them to fetch, do jumping jacks together, run in circles and tire out their little legs.

2. Hill Workouts

If your dog loves running up hills, this is a great way to keep their muscles toned without overworking them. This type of workout also helps strengthen bones by building muscle around them! S

3. Treadmill workouts

Some dogs get anxious or nervous at the sight of a treadmill, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to love it! Start slow and steady by walking your pup on a low setting for just five minutes. Then increase the settings gradually until you reach their daily exercise goal.

4. Swimming

Swim workouts are another great option that will help build lean muscle mass but still be easy on the joints since they’re using buoyant forces from water. If your dog isn’t too keen on swimming laps with you, try floating noodles across the pool so they can chase after it as you slowly pull it away!. If your pooch doesn’t mind water or coats themselves in thick fur, swimming is a fantastic way to get some exercise together while cooling down on those hot summer days. Take a trip to the beach and let them enjoy some fun in the sun!

5. Doga

Doga is a wonderful way for both you and your pup to bond through yoga poses, meditation, deep breathing, and napping together afterwards. Dogs love exploring new smells around their environment, so yoga poses like downward-facing dog position will be perfect for pups who want to explore all kinds of scents during class. You may even be able to work on teaching those new tricks from those training classes you’ve been taking as well!

6. Cani-cross

A new breed of workout for your pup, cani-cross is a great way to stay healthy and keep fit by sharing some exercise together with your pooch! A harness will be needed in order to prevent the leash from choking them. Dog walkers are also available if you’re not able or just don’t have time to do it on your own.

7. Hiking

If you have a dog who loves going out exploring and being active, hiking is the perfect way to spend your days together. Pack up some water for yourself and your pup so that they can stay hydrated while running around in nature together!

Take Your Dog With You

If all else fails, take them with you everywhere you go! It may be annoying at times when they start getting into things or wanting attention from everyone (or maybe not), but it’s sure good exercise for both of you too. The more walks and outside time dogs get during their lives, the longer they tend to live as well. Happy exercising!

How many exercises Do Dogs Need?

Dogs need a set amount of daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. The exact amount of exercise varies depending on the size, age, breed, build of your pup. A good rule of thumb is to take their weight in pounds and multiply it by either five or ten minutes (the bigger they are, the more time), then add that number to a half-hour walk per day for an adult dog. For puppies, play with them and take them out every couple of hours to use the bathroom.

How much daily do I have to play with my dog?

The amount of time you spend exercising your dog each day depends on its age and breed. Younger dogs tend to have more energy than older ones, and larger breeds also need more exercise than smaller ones. Playtime is just as important for dogs of all ages, though! If you can’t find time during the day to get your dog out of their crate or pen, consider setting aside some playtime each night before bed so they don’t wake up hyper in the morning (and make sure to take them outside first thing).

Dog Activities Can Keep You Healthy Too

In addition to keeping our pups happy and active, dog activities like yoga and swimming can help us, humans, as well! The mindfulness involved helps reduce stress levels while improving moods which leads to better sleep at night.

Feel free to contact us if there’s a particular dog activity near your area that isn’t listed here. We’d love the opportunity to help out and find new activities for both you and your furry friend!

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