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Fun Winter Dog Activities

Check out these fun winter dog activities to keep your dog happy and active during the cold months.
Beautiful cheerful little hairy Yorkshire Terrier dog running in the snow wearing a sweater and tongue out.

Winter is a great time to keep your dog active, entertained, and happy. With snow on the ground and cold weather outside, there are many ways you can still have fun with your pup indoor and outdoor. Here are some fun winter activities that will allow you and your dog to stay active all season long:  

Beautiful cheerful little hairy Yorkshire Terrier dog running in the snow wearing a sweater and tongue out

Outdoor Winter Activities:

1) Dog sledding-

What better way to enjoy the snow than by harnessing up and heading out with your furry friend? Your dog will love exploring the snow and running alongside your sled. Be sure to harness them correctly, as pulling too hard on the neck can cause problems. Also, be aware of what you are doing as well, as it is easy to fall off a sled or get lost!

2) Cross country skiing-

Skis and poles aren’t just for us humans. Dogs enjoy being out in the winter elements just as much as we do – if not more! They have a great time romping around in the snow and playing fetch on a trail cut through snowy woodlands. There’s no need for a dog sled here – simply attach your pup to their leash and you’re ready to go! Just remember that they may have trouble stopping – so teach them to come towards you and build up their trust in your commands.

3) Skijoring-

This activity takes skiing and adds a dog into the mix. It is essentially skis attached to a dog’s harness as they follow behind you, steering as needed with the support of two ski poles.  Skijoring gives both people and their dogs an amazing workout as it requires endurance, strong muscles, and strong legs for both humans and canines.

4) Snowshoeing-

Another great way to get outside with your dog in winter is snowshoeing! It’s just what it sounds like, with the addition of having your dog run alongside you. Snowshoeing is great for giving your pet some exercise, and it gives you a workout as well!  Research has shown that getting outside with our pets has many health benefits – from increased happiness to reduced anxiety in pooches!

5) Winter-hikes-

The great thing about winter hiking is that it doesn’t involve your dog pulling you along like in sledding. However, there are dangers involved with snow and ice around every corner, so make sure to go on a safe trail with an experienced hiker who knows where they are going. This will ensure that both you and your dog have a good time out on the trails.

Inside winter activities:

1) Tug of war-

There’s nothing better than a game of tug of war for getting some energy out! Most dogs love being able to run up to their owners and just wrestle around until one party lets go. It might be messy – but it’s always fun! And playing regular games of tug can also help to increase your bond with your dog.

2) Hide and Seek-

Dogs love games that revolve around attention and having fun with their owners, so this is a great game to play together! One person hides, and the other calls for their pup until they find you. Your dog will be sure to have a blast as soon as they hear their name being called – and once they’re done finding you, it’s time for another round!

3) Fetch-

Another great outside activity that can also be played inside is fetching. This can be done by throwing a ball or toy down a hallway or empty room – or even in front of the TV if you don’t want your floors to get messy! Make sure to warm up first before playing fetch, as this can be a strenuous game for both you and your pup.

4) Kong stuffing-

This is a great game to keep your dog entertained for hours on end. Get them a Kong toy (or similar rubber toy) and fill it with peanut butter, cheese, or any other goodies that your dog loves. They will have to work hard to get the food out of the toy, and it will keep them busy for a long time! You can even make this into a competition by timing them to see how long it takes them to get the food out.

5) Dog yoga-

If you’re looking for a way to relax with your pet, consider doing some dog yoga! It’s just like regular yoga, except with your pup! The great thing about dog yoga is that it’s completely customizable – you can do some moves together, or you can simply relax on the floor with your pet.

These winter activities will be a fun way to bond with your pup this season. If you have any other suggestions, we’d love for you to share them in the comments! We hope these ideas help make your cold-weather outing as enjoyable as possible for both of you. Happy adventuring and happy holidays from all of us at Your Dog’s Friend!

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