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How to train your dog to fetch the newspaper

After all these years your dog still hasn’t learned how to fetch? Or maybe your dog refuses t…
Dog holding newspaper in it's mouth

This is an important guide if you’d like to avoid stepping on that soggy, slimy newspaper in the morning. This technique also works great with aluminum cans.

After all these years your dog still hasn’t learned how to fetch? Or maybe your dog refuses to even touch the paper, no matter what kind of bribes you offer? You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is. Just follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be throwing the morning paper away without bending over all the time!

Step 1: Make sure your dog likes toys. If he doesn’t, there’s nothing you can do. Sorry.

Step 2: Start training indoors. a nice big room (a living room would be nice) that is free of things that he could destroy or chew on will do just fine. At first, scold him if he tries to touch anything other than the newspaper. You want everything else out of his mind when you begin training.

Step 3: Start by putting down 10 pieces of paper (newspaper works best). Then pick up all but one and throw it like a Frisbee. It doesn’t need to go far (a few feet away should do). If your dog manages not to pick any up for an hour, or even two, then congratulations! He’s very advanced! Canine geniuses are rare indeed.

Step 4: For now on, grab lighter objects like feathers, fake fur, tissue paper, etc. If he doesn’t pick up anything at all for a couple of minutes, then scold him with a firm “No!” and put them back down again.

Step 5: When your dog is picking up most of the objects you throw down within a few seconds, stop scolding him when he picks something else up besides newspaper.

Step 6: Eventually your dog will be so good at this that eventually, you can start to teach him how to bring in the newspaper rather than throwing it. You have to train even more on this part though because if you do not want mildew on everything in your house, DO NOT leave any newspapers lying around anywhere but by the front door!

Step 7: If possible, teach him to only bring the newspaper you want and not any others that he finds lying around.

Step 8: Congratulate yourself on training your dog to fetch! And don’t worry about throwing away your newspapers anymore because your canine friend will gladly pick it up for you night after night.

But seriously, don’t leave your newspapers lying around.

Happy training! And happy new year!

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