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The Fruits That Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

A guide on the fruits that dogs can and cannot eat. Some fruits are poisonous while some may be ben…

Your four-legged friend is looking at you with those pleading eyes. You know they’re hungry, but what should you feed them? The question has always been difficult to answer because dogs can’t eat just anything. This blog post provides an overview of some of the fruits your dog may or may not be able to eat so you can make informed decisions with them in mind.

The owner gives cute welsh corgi Pembroke or cardigan puppy dog to sniff a juicy ripe strawberry on a blue background

Fruits a dog can eat and their nutritional value:

Strawberries: Dogs should only be able to eat certain kinds of fruit, not all kinds. Fruits like strawberries are perfectly fine for dogs because they’re both healthy and delicious! Dogs love the taste of strawberries, and you can even feed them the leaves because they’re good for dog health.

Blueberries: Blueberries are another fruit that dogs enjoy! They contain antioxidants that help destroy free radical cells in a dog’s body. This is beneficial to dog health as well since it helps increase their life span! Blueberries also have Vitamin C which boosts dog immunity.

Apples: Apples are a dog fruit favourite! It’s not just because they’re delicious, it’s also because apples help clean dog teeth. This is beneficial for dog health since bacteria can often times accumulate in the dog’s mouth and cause bad breath which leads to other dental problems such as tooth decay or gingivitis. Dogs with good oral hygiene can live up to 11 years longer!

Watermelon: Dogs love watermelons, and for good reason! This dog fruit is full of vitamins A & C which are great for dog health. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy dog vision while vitamin C boosts dog immunity – this means dogs will live healthier lives if they eat enough watermelon! However, you need to make sure that all of the dog watermelon seeds are removed before feeding your dog this dog-friendly fruit. Otherwise, these seeds contain toxins that lead to poisoning in dogs if ingested by them.

Mango: Mango dog fruit is another great dog food choice because it’s both nutritious and delicious! Mango has a lot of vitamin A, which helps dog eyesight. Dogs also benefit from the Vitamin C in mangoes since this vitamin boosts dog immunity.

Oranges: Dogs love oranges even more than humans do, and it’s because they’re dog-friendly fruit! Oranges are rich in vitamin C which helps boost dog immunity. They also have potassium which is good for dog heart health. Potassium can help lower blood pressure levels to keep your dog healthy throughout its life span.

Dogs should not eat the following fruits:

There are dog fruits that a dog should not be eating. These include grapes, raisins, and peaches to name a few.

Cherries: A dog can eat cherries, but not the pit! Eating a dog cherry without pits is fine since they’re healthy and delicious. However, if you give your dog an entire cherry with its pit intact it’s dangerous for their health because this fruit contains cyanide which leads to poisoning.

Grapes: You’ll love grapes, your dog will love grapes, but you can’t both eat them! Grapes contain an ingredient called “cyanide” which is toxic for dogs. It’s unknown precisely what causes it but this fruit must be avoided if dog health is important. Grapes are toxic to dogs because they cause kidney failure. Dogs should never be given grape juice or raisins either since these two dog treats also contain toxins that lead to poisoning in dogs.

Tomatoes: You’ve probably heard that it’s fine to give dog’s tomatoes, and it is! However, never feed your dog un-riped or green tomatoes since they’re toxic for dog health.

Raisins: Dogs can eat grapes so long as there are no seeds in them because grape seeds contain toxins which leads to poisoning if ingested by a dog. The same goes for dog raisins, your dog can eat them but only if they’re fully dried.

Peaches: Dogs can eat peaches since they’re dog friendly but you need to make sure that the dog’s pit is completely removed before feeding it these fruits. Otherwise, this fruit contains cyanide which leads to poisoning when ingested by a dog!

To conclude, there are dog fruits a dog can eat and dog foods they must avoid! It’s important to know what dog food your dog should not be eating so you’re able to keep them safe from any diseases or sicknesses down the road. Dogs love their owners unconditionally, and dog owners love their dogs unconditionally! Dog health is important for dog-owner relationships because a dog owner should be able to provide their dog with the best life possible.

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