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How to calm your anxious dog during fireworks?

Help your anxious pup during the fireworks by checking out these helpful tips.

A dog looking through a window at the fireworks.


An anxious dog looks out the window and watches the fireworks

As the weather warms up and summer approaches, many of us start looking forward to Canada Day celebrations. However, if you have a dog who is anxious or scared of loud noises, the fireworks can be a real source of stress. The following tips will hopefully help calm your anxious dog during fireworks:

  • Create a safe space: If your dog has a favourite spot in the house (under the bed, in a closet, etc.), make sure they have access to it on Canada Day. Consider putting some blankets or other cozy items in the space to make it extra inviting.
  • Distract them with food: One way to keep your dog’s mind off of the fireworks is to give them something else to focus on, like a tasty treat. Kongs stuffed with peanut butter or other goodies can be a great way to keep them occupied.
  • Distract them with toys: If your dog is still finding it hard to relax, try distracting them with their favourite toy or a tasty treat.
  • Exercise them before the fireworks start: A good walk or run before the festivities begin will help tire your dog out and make them more likely to rest during the fireworks.
  • Try calming supplements: There are a variety of products on the market that can help to calm anxious dogs, including CBD oil and Bach flower essences. Talk to your vet about which option might be right for your pet.
  • Don’t punish them: It’s important to remember that your dog is not acting out of malice when they’re scared of fireworks. Punishing them will only make the situation worse. Try to stay calm and reassuring instead.

By following these tips, you can help calm your anxious dog during fireworks.

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