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How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on Lawns: Preventing, Repairing and Mitigating Dog Damage

If your dog relieves himself in the wrong spot, you may have a few options for how to get rid of ur…

Dogs are often the guilty party when it comes to grass-killing urine. However- if you want bedding in peace for both yourself and your pets then there’s a few things we recommend doing! We’ll discuss what causes dogs’ natural urge 2 piddles as well as how fertilization may help save those beautiful grass lawns from desolation–not only will they be greener longer but everything likelier stays healthy too (and who doesn’t love when something has been made easier?).

Looking down from above onto a brown and dead patch of grass caused by the excessive amounts of nitrogen in dog urine with copy space

Why Dog Urine Burns Grass?

Dog urine burning grass is a natural result of the nitrogen in it. This element is actually what fertilizes lawns and gives them that rich green colour–however, when you have too much then everything else just goes bad! The excess nitrates kill your yard while also causing problems for pets themselves- along with other elements like ammonia which can be very harmful to both people’s health as well as animals’ systems. So how do we get rid of this problem? That all depends on whether or not you want to use chemicals or something more natural…

How Fertilization Can Help?

There are two main ways to take care of dog urine spots from grass issues–one being using chemical treatments (which should often still be paired with fertilization). However, if you’re looking for something that’s more natural then we suggest trying out different kinds of fertilizer. This way your grass will get the nutrients it needs while also getting rid of these puddles- just note that this may take a bit longer than chemical treatments to work!

What Are Natural Dog Urine Spots Remedies?

To kill dog urine spots from lawns naturally there are some really great ways to go about doing so here are some quick remedies:

  1. Try vinegar and baking soda…just mix together equal parts water along with each respective ingredient (if needed add an extra splash or two of one) and then just pour it over the area. This should kill those stains and help soothe the burning grass as well!
  2.  Another great remedy is a little bit of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water- ideally, you’ll want to use equal parts, but if needed add an extra ounce or two of H20. Just take a spray bottle and go to town on that mess–if there’s still trouble spots try mixing in some dish soap afterward too (just make sure this doesn’t affect your lawn).
  3. If you have a large area that needs treatment, mix one gallon of water with two cups of vinegar for every 500 square feet 
  4. Allow your lawn about 24 hours to dry before walking on it again to avoid spreading any remaining bacteria or chemicals from your shoes onto your lawn

Is Fertilization All You Need?

In most cases fertilizer can be enough for small patches where dogs have been going potty…however, these fertilizers do lose their strength after a while which means they won’t always work against larger areas with bigger stains. This is where getting rid of dog urine spots from grass using chemicals comes into play–just note that this may kill your yard too if you use something very strong or don’t follow the directions carefully!

So remember, fertilization can be a great way to kill dog pee damage but for larger areas, with stubborn issues, chemical treatments are often necessary as well (especially since they’re easy and reliable). For more helpful tips check out our blog post on how to kill pet stains in lawns.

Do Grass Saving Supplements For Dogs Work?

Pee-pee pads and other dog potty training techniques often suggest that you invest in different grass supplements for dogs. However, if your pet is already over the age of six then we recommend steering clear–these products are designed to help younger pups who haven’t developed immunity build it up against this kind of damage (so they don’t kill their own lawns). Older animals instead have usually built up a resistance toward these problems which means giving them more isn’t always necessary! So what should you do if your senior pup has been leaving behind some nasty stains? Well…there’s really not much else besides using fertilization or chemical treatments since these two options are great at ridding any spots whether there’s old age involved or not.

So remember, if you have a senior pup who’s been leaving pee-pee spots on your lawn don’t go thinking they need more grass supplements–this is something that younger pups need since they haven’t developed immunity yet. Instead, invest in chemical treatments or fertilization for dog urine spots on lawns to kill these issues!

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