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Boarding a Dog for the First Time: How to Prepare

Follow these tips before boarding your dog the first time. Make sure you’re prepared and enjo…
holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane or plane at the gate, luggage or bag to the side
holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane or plane at the gate, luggage or bag to the side

If you are considering boarding your dog for the first time, be sure to prepare ahead of time. Be mindful that there is more to do than just dropping them off at a kennel or putting them in an airline crate. You want to make sure they have everything they need while being away from home so before you board your pup for their initial stay take some extra steps and ask yourself these questions! What does my dog eat? Does he/she get wet food or dry food? How much water should I provide each day? Do I need to pack medication like flea treatments or heartworm preventatives with me on vacation? Is it okay if my pet stays outside all day long without coming inside often to use? In this blog post, we will go over how to prepare for boarding a dog and what you should do before boarding them for the first time!

  1. Health And Safety: Boarding your dog involves a lot of health and safety precautions. It is important to have their vaccinations up to date, so you should confirm with the kennel that they require proof of vaccination records before boarding them. You will also want to check if any other special care for your pup’s needs are required (such as heart worm prevention or medication). If you board frequently, then it can be useful to keep some veterinary supplies at home in case something happens while away from home! This might include an extra leash and collar, food dish, bowls for water and food, plastic bags (for waste), de-wormer spray/drops (if needed) first aid kit or instructions on how make one accessible.
  2. Crates: Many kennels will provide a crate for your pup to sleep in and also use as their safe area when they are not with you. It is important that your dog feels comfortable inside of the crate, so we recommend getting them used to it before boarding if possible! If you only have an airline approved carrier or fabric playpen then this can do just fine too. Make sure that there isn’t anything keeping the door open (toys/beds/blankets) especially while boarding since dogs might get scared of closed doors at first. They should be able to turn around easily without their head touching either side of the crate too!
  3. Food: You don’t need to bring food along for them unless they eat something specific or have sensitive stomachs. You should give them a few hours to adjust too, so it is best not to feed right away before boarding! If your pup will get anxious or nervous when eating then we recommend you only bring the smallest amount of food that they need for their trip and slowly introduce new kibble in small amounts.
  4. Kenneling: Kennels provide many services such as walking/playing with your dog and giving medication if needed (check beforehand). It can be useful to take up an option like this when boarding since there are pros and cons. Some dogs might become aggressive when taken out of their comfort zone while others may feel more secure inside their own place . The main thing here is making sure the staff has experience working with pets safely – do some research beforehand to make sure you like their policies and work ethics!
  5. Behavior: It is important to know your pup’s behavior before boarding. If they are very anxious or jumpy then it might be best not to board them since the kennel will need time for adjustment too (which can cause more stress). You should also take into consideration that extra dogs in a confined space might result in territorial issues and fighting, so if this sounds like your pup we recommend looking elsewhere . Some dogs may bark during the first hour we arrive but after that they love our staff and facilities! Make sure you ask about how other pups have reacted when boarding as well.
  6. Identification: It is important to have your pup’s identification tag on them before boarding. It should include their name, any medication they require and a telephone number so staff can contact you in case of an emergency! The kennel will provide tags too if needed but it might be helpful having one from home as well since those are more durable .
  7. Cancellations: Make sure that the kennel has a good cancellation policy just in case something comes up or you need to change plans for whatever reason. There usually isn’t much difference between policies either way, so this doesn’t affect our advice here very much! Just make sure there aren’t going to be hefty charges such as not cancelling within 24 hours (or 48 depending on what they say) or any other hidden fees.
  8. Exercise: Boarding your pup means that they will get plenty of exercise which is great for them! If you want to, then you can always include some extra time in the schedule so they have more playtime with the staff too . Just make sure there isn’t anything else planned during this time and it shouldn’t be a problem – our staff loves dogs regardless! Make sure not to over-exert your dog either since this might cause injury if they are pushed beyond their limits.
  9. Medical Attention/Medication: Many kennels provide medication (such as insulin injections) but ask about what medications before boarding just in case. Some places even offer emergency vet services when needed (at an additional cost) so this is definitely an option to look into.
  10. Food Allergies: If your pup has food allergies then bring their own food with you since the kennel should have separate dishes for each dog . This way they won’t risk getting sick, which can be dangerous if it’s a serious allergy! They might also provide special medication too in case of emergencies or allergic reactions/anaphylaxis – make sure to ask about what precautions are taken beforehand.
  11. Size: Make sure that there isn’t any size limit before boarding at the kennel even though most places will accommodate large breeds just fine (if needed). There may be extra charges but these aren’t very high usually and it might ensure that your pet doesn’t get injured or into any fights .
  12. Make copies of pet-related documents: If you have a pet related document such as a vaccination record, health certificate or ID tag then make sure to bring it with you before boarding. Some places might request this beforehand so be prepared! We recommend bringing the most recent documents just in case something comes up and they need one from home for reference purposes.

Do I Need To Board My Dog? Can’t I Just Leave Them At Home?

Some dogs are fine being left alone while others may start getting anxious or even injure themselves in the process. This is why it’s usually best to board them – especially if they don’t have any other options! Just make sure you do your research beforehand since otherwise, this can be a costly mistake.

Price: The price should also not be an issue when boarding your pup unless something was recently changed that we haven’t heard about yet (which seems unlikely). There isn’t much difference between kennels either way so feel free to choose based on location/other factors instead of cost differences. Making sure there aren’t any hidden fees will help reduce costs but still keep things simple for us and our readers regardless!

I hope that this blog post has helped you understand the basics of what to expect when boarding a dog for the first time. As you can see, there are many factors to keep in mind before making any decisions about where your pup will stay while they’re away from home. A little research and preparation on your part are key! If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want nothing but the best for our furry friends – so we’ll do everything possible to help make sure every border’s experience is as comfortable as possible.

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