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The Secrets to Getting Your Dog to Come Back Every Time

If you want your dog back every time he runs off, make sure you know these secrets. You won’t…
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Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Come When Called?

  • A dog may not come back to you because he is too far away.
  • Another reason your dog might not return when called, is that he can’t hear you yelling for him.
  • In addition, if the tone of your voice isn’t commanding enough (for example: playful or excited), then it will be more difficult for your pup to know what behaviour you want from them upon their return.

If this has been happening a lot and you’ve noticed that they are consistently not coming back when called, then it is time to start training the behaviour of returning every single time they hear their name.

Here are some great tips for training your pup to come back every time:

  1. Use an action word such as “come” or “here” in conjunction with a food reward when he returns successfully from his adventures away from home. For example say the word ‘come’ followed directly after calling out their name while putting a treat in your hand, and then immediately rewarding them on arrival. As they show that they understand what this means (for example by coming even without you saying anything), use it more often as part of their daily routine (along with giving lots of praise).
  2. If this is not working, then try using a clicker. This way he will be able to associate the sound of your voice with food even when they are far away from you or in an environment where it is difficult for them to hear you (for example loud music). To do so, say their name along with “click” while holding up the treat and immediately giving it to them. As they show that they understand what this means by coming back every time without needing you to use any other commands/action words such as ‘come’ or ‘here’, gradually remove clicks and treats until just saying his name followed directly after by rewarding him does complete the job.

Regardless of why your dog is not returning when called, it’s important that they do so every single time. This way he will learn proper behaviours around his name as well as listen closely and pay attention each time you call out “here boy!” By doing so from a young age (ideally before 12 weeks), dogs will be able to distinguish their names after being trained properly.

-Additionally, if your dog is consistently not coming back when called because he can’t hear you yelling for him, then the solution to this problem could be as simple as investing in a bark control collar. These collars work by emitting ultrasonic sounds which are only detectable by dogs and cats so that it doesn’t bother other animals in the house. As he becomes less distracted by noises around him, this will help to keep his attention on you when it’s time for training or your daily routine!

-Happy Training!

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