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Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home: A Guide To Dog Proofing

The best way to pet proof your home is through prevention. Here are some tips on how you can keep y…
Cute puppy with diaper and shoes at home, she makes mess

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Rover entered your life. He was just a small pup when you were in the market for a new pet, and now he is an adult dog with his own personality! You’ve come a long way together—you’ve learned how to train him, housebreak him, and even give him massages. But as time goes on, so do your needs: Your couch can’t be ruined by slobber any longer (or at least not all of the time), and you would love some privacy while cooking dinner again. So what are your options? Here are some ways to pet-proof your home!

Techniques for dog-proofing the house from little paws and mouths, including window treatments, floor matting, furniture selections, carpet trimming and more!

  • Window treatments that are dog and childproof
  • Floor matting to prevent dirt from entering the house or for dog’s nails to scratch on instead of your flooring
  • Furniture selection with dog-friendly materials such as natural fibre fabric, leather, metal and plastic material
  • Keep the carpet trimmed so it doesn’t turn into a giant dog bed (it also helps if you have more than one person in the house)
  • Use pet screens on doors and windows when needed, this can be helpful for keeping things like air conditioning out too! They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what needs they’re fulfilling. Try using them temporarily while your dog is still small then installing permanent ones later on.
  • Be mindful of the materials you use in your dog’s crate; for example, some dogs chew through soft plastics and wires easily
  • Select dog breeds that are known to be less destructive than others if possible! Just because a dog is big doesn’t mean it will not scratch up or tear apart things around the house when bored. If getting another dog isn’t an option try these tips on how to make your current pup less destructive instead: providing them with safe options like sturdy toys, high places they can climb (like furniture) and more exercise time outside where they won’t have access to household items.

Tips for stopping dog digging like using water bottles filled with pebbles or sand as a deterrent – also planting grass near dog beds and dog holes to make them less desirable spots

Tips for stopping dog chewing: Provide your pup with plenty of toys, give them time as an exercise (as well as access) outside on a regular basis. Also, try giving chewable items like rawhide or rubber bones that are the perfect size – they’ll be much easier to replace than something expensive!

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